BAAZ ARCHITECTS, when a new project comes in front of them, they engage in intensive work.
The goal is unique, ‘ IDEAL SOLUTION ’
This project should have the following features like the others;
-Full requirements to meet
-The correct use of spaces
-Peaceful living and working environment
-Compatibility with the environment
-Making empathy
-The right choice and use of the material
-Visual Impact

We provide high quality and fast service by using the advantage of the furniture and metal manufacturing in our structure.
As BAAZ ARCHITECTURE, we continue to carry out an entire architectural practice systematically from space design and product design to manufacturing and construction site applications.


As BAAZ FAMILY, we put our production units into operation in order to achieve success, and we try to offer more than we can, to reach the most ideal result in the completion of the work by following the technological developments carefully.
Many people and organizations that we have worked with, have entrusted us with their new investments in their inventories. These were the biggest prizes we could think of.
The projects we have completed in different cities and even in different countries have increased our determination to work.
We joined their families.
They joined BAAZ FAMILY